Photfx lab vs studio

Haven’t used Photofx lab in years. Now that I have Studio, can I delete photofx lab?

There is no reason to remove it from your system unless you want to. It’s entirely up to you. Personally, I like photoFXlab.

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so do I !!!

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@Kathy_9 @el48tel

I agree there’s no reason to delete PhotoFX, and I like it too.

However, I’m curious what you two use PhotoFX for that you can’t do with Studio or Topaz plugins.

I’ve essentially substituted Studio for PhotoFX in my workflow and haven’t yet needed to use the latter for anything since.

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I prefer the way photoFXlab handles layers. Oh, and Instatones are fun too.

I haven’t used PhotoFX for years. I recently ran a comparison side by side of DxO PhotoLab Elite and Topaz Studio. DxO’s engine was faster than Studio but I liked the finished files from Studio better than DxO. DxO had some nice new features, but not worth the $200 price tag. You can download a trial version if you’re interested. I dumped the DxO trial version and will stick with Studio. I have enough plug ins to take care of any issues I have with my photos. I think Studio is a better RAW handler. I do not use Lightroom btw. Also, dumped PhotoFX Lab. Just see no need for it with Studio on board.

Yeah, layers in photoFX are what I think of as the more traditional layers in programs like PS. I was hoping that Studio would somehow mix that style of layers with the type of layers introduced in the original TextureEffects (which is essentially what Studio uses.) It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of replicating some tasks with the Studio layers. I’ve come to think of the images along the bottom, in Studio, as being kind of like a layer in a program like photoFX. Not really identical, but it helps me figure out how to do what I want in Studio.

Ah yes! That is a cool feature. And now that you mention it, I had wondered if they’ll work that into Studio at some point.

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sorry to be late back to the discussion - yup with @Kathy_9 for the reasons

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