Performance/Quality of using Chronos SloMo + up scaling?

I realize the chronos slomo model is much faster when used with a 640X480 video, but much much slower when the same video is upscaled from 640X480 to 1440X1080.

So here is my question to process these 640X480 video:

  1. apply the chonos slomo first on 640X480 video, and then do the 2.25X upscaling with AHQ


  1. do the 2.25X upscaling with AHQ first, and then do the chonos slomo to double the frame rate.

I know the time spending would be vastly different (#2 would be super slower), but will the final result be different in quality?

Anyone tried it?

Don’t worry, because this is actually the way the developers chose, as long as you don’t find problems, don’t care. By the way, don’t use Apollo like this.

The consensus 9 months ago was that interpolation first, is faster over all, but produces less accurate results and more artifacts. This was before Apollo was introduced. I have not done any tests with Apollo to see if this is still the case.