"Pensive devant le penseur de Rodin"

Tittle in English: “Thoughtful in front of Rodin’s thinker”
I took this picture in front of Rodin’s Thinker during an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Monréal. The biggest challenge: bring out the photo taken at ISO 3200! Topaz Denoise 6 allowed me to make an acceptable photo. In Studio v.2 conversion to Black and White. This is a trial. Thank you for your comments.


ISO 3200? Great shot and processing. Award yourself a gold star…!

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Yes ISO 3200 . Because in a museum, we have not the right to take a picture with flash ! My camera is the Powershot G1X 1st version with a sensor of 1.5 inches. Here a link for this very good camera: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canong1x

Good seeing!

I know there are a lot of copies of The Thinker out & about.

But it makes me wonder… Stanford Univ. (Palo Alto, CA) has one of the largest Rodin collections in the world outside of Paris (so they claim…).

Several years ago their Thinker went on a road trip; & was loaned out for display in other museums. I’m wondering if Montreal was one of the stops where he got his passport stamped. Or, if this is a part of their permanent art collection.

Fun shot!

Here the information about from where are the Rodin exposition:
The exhibition is produced by the MBAM in collaboration with the Rodin Museum. It is toured by the MMFA at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond (November 21, 2015-March 13, 2016), and then at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem (May 16-September 5, 2016).

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Nice result Pierre, the G1X has always had good High ISO results because it controls chroma noise (fluctuations in luminance and color) very well.

I like the idea of the shot, very well-executed!
Very nice sharpness and lack of noise.

I was surprised to see just how many there are, I know I have seen a few of them…

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The picture is a very good candid shot, nice work. I think you made a mistake on the sensor conversion, it is 18.7mm which is 0.74 inches on the long side.

Hi !

What i said the G1X have 1.5 inches of diagonal.
See the Dpreview shot and picture.

Canon G1 X specification highlights

  • 14MP 1.5" CMOS sensor (18.7 x 14mm)
  • 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 lens
  • Optical viewfinder
  • ISO 100-12,800
  • 3.0", 920,000 dot swivelling LCD
  • Extensive manual control
  • 14-bit Raw shooting
    The G1 X’s sensor is 20% smaller than in most Canon DSLRs, but that still makes it 16% larger than Four Thirds, more than twice the size of the sensor in Nikon’s 1 cameras and over six times the size of the sensors in previous Canon G-series compacts. DPReview

Other diagonal comparaison


OK, I got it now.