Penshurst Hawk

A Topaz GigapixelAI upscale to 13000+ pixels longside, then cropped back to 960 pixels longside to post in the forum!!!
Topaz Studio AI Clear on High setting. Silver FX Pro = Cool Tone 1 preset. The soft bokeh is a result of using a Sigma 150-600 lens.

Hawk” © Jack Torcello


Great capture and very nice BW work!

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Jack, so you enlarge a photo to 10,000 or more pixels and then you crop it to achieve a larger image of a small detail in the original image???

That is often the case Peter yes! Do you think it a success?

Yes, I do! It’s just that I did not think about this. I thought using Gigapixel as a way to make very large prints and not about extracting small details in a large photo. Need to think more if this could make sense for me or not.

For my part, it makes sense both ways - many sites I post to demand a longside of 11,000 pixels or more - and I enjoy a 12mpxl full-frame camera (Nikon D700) with 25mb file sizes.

I am not a fan of the mega file-sizes from 48mpxl cameras - but they do allow greater magnifications straight out of the camera. Gigapixel lets my excellent low-light/low file-size camera ‘punch above its weight’ so to speak!

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Nice choice for b&w…this came out very well.