Pause/Resume for Video Enchance AI

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I would dedicate at least one PC for work and an other for gaming etc. at home.

For example, you can connect up to 6 PCs to a single LG43UD79 monitor and display 4 of them at the same time.

I would dedicate at least one car to driving to work, one for grocery shopping, one for trips, etc…

But seriously for many this solution may not be affordable or practical.

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Any ideas (to the devs), when a build with this will be available?. I’m holding out for this feature to be implemented.


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Just started using this app today and this feature would be fantastic.

Any idea if/when the devs plan on implementing this?


Oh yeah, that would be a really cool addition. We export for now in ProRes422HQ and can’t wait to export to prores4444. Play/pause button is a much, much needed feature…

I was thinking the same thing. I can’t leave my computer running overnight as it is wicked loud when doing so, and my sister hates the noise which is why I usually have to cancel the process, usually after nearly 3 hours of rendering and then start over.

I’m 17 and we live in a tiny cabin and we share a bunk room, she gets the top bunk. The room is only about 8 feet wide and 15 feet long so the computer HOWLING at night bothers her like crazy.

If you render to frame you can start & stop whenever you want. It takes up a ton of space plus you’ll have to stitch it together and nix the audio back in after but it’s an option.