Pause/Resume for Video Enchance AI

How do we pause and restart using png?

If you save the processed files to single images just stop at any point you like. to continue look into the already completed images and their numbers. after the last number that s the next number to continue with. just type that into ve ai as a starting number and proceed.

Thank you.

Is a resume feature currently in development?

A resume functionality should be one of the most requested features in VEAI.
There are just so many reasons why that’s desperately needed. The application could crash, the OS become unstable, the system could run out of VRAM, etc…
Furthermore for most people it’s necessary to use the PC for something else in the meantime.

Ideally we could pause the process, save it and close the application at any point.
Not having this not only wastes time but also energy and money. We’re running 300W+ GPUs at full tilt for days after all.

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Thank you for writing in. Yes, we are currently working on a Pause button for a coming release.


Cut your video into parts.

Yes doing that, but that’s one extra thing that can go wrong, the timestamps could be messed up leading to A/V sync issues etc…

Also this approach doesn’t work with algorithms that enhance the frame rate.

What’s worse in the current version it even pretends to resume after a crash (it asks you) but really just starts from the beginning, even if the video is split into multiple files.

I often process the video to images. Unfortunately when I stop the processing and start again later to continue where I stopped by manually setting the starting frame VE AI generates another folder instead of just putting all images into the same one. When the work finished I have several folders containing hundrets of thousands of images which belong together. Copy them from all the extra folders into the first one alone takes endless hours …

Thank you! Even with a fast card, upscaling 4K content takes a long time. Appreciated that it’s in development.

Using single images is a good way to ‘pick up where you left off,’ so to speak, but harder for postprocessing.

I would prefer a Pause button. There’s no legit reason why VEAI can’t just pause by emptying/depleting its current buffers, and then just halt further processing. Would be nice if you could quickly do some other stuff inbetween.

“just type that into ve ai as a starting number and proceed.”

Where do I type this in at? I don’t see a field to enter a starting frame. Also, in the new folder the file naming process is reset, so how will this actually work when rebuilding with ffmpeg?

Mine only shows timestamps. Version 2.6.2

I am not sure but maybe its different when you process it to images instead of a video file?

In the Preferences, have you tried disable the “Show Timecodes” setting ? :thinking:

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That worked, thanks.

Pause / Resuming is working with many programs:
1: download Microsoft Process Explorer Prozess-Explorer - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs
2: Start it :slight_smile:
3: View - Update Speed - 10 seconds or pause
4: right click Topaz Video…exe: Suspend!
5: Resume …

I doubt this method. VEAI itself needs to empty its buffers/free up the video card, etc, instead of process explorer keeping all in limbo. In fact, this manner might lull you into thinking you can now freely game again, whereas you have merely, externally, and fuglily, suspended a work that is essentially still very much in progress, and keeping resources occupied.

Yes, that’s right. This method would only be a last resort, if at all.

You should try and add a poll to your starter post (if you can still do that). You’d have my vote, for sure.