Pause/Resume for Video Enchance AI

Given it can take many hours to upscale a video, I thought a pause/resume feature would be a good idea. I like the possibility of running the app, pausing and shutting down and resuming the work the next day.

Not so keen on leaving my PC on overnight :+1:

I hope this will be considered!


A pause/resume button is a good idea ! It takes me 28 hours to upscale a DVD episode, and maybe in that time I need to allocate the resources to another application for a short period…


That is in deed an inefficiency to be fixed soon. Nobody has a computer dedicated exclusively to VEAI. There are many reasons to interrupt and restart.


This is very much needed.

There is a workaround. It took me a while to figure out all of the code but once you invest time to learn ffmpeg then you can simply export as frames and pause and resume at any frame. This makes it so much more convenient as you can process for 2 hours then use your computer for a game or zoom call and then flip back on processing on the very next frame.

I think topaz labs should write a quick ffmpeg guide especially considering the audio handling and lack of audio on mac.

With exporting by frames and using ffmpeg you can 1) pause/resume 2) export losslessly 3) compress yourself with desired parameters including h265 4) keep the original audio.

To be honest you end up using the same 4 or 5 strings of commands over and over and simply changing filename so it becomes fast.

If anyone wants some code tips or examples feel free to pm me.

That said - this workaround should not be necessary and I agree Topaz Labs has to make it built into the program as soon as possible.

Out of all the ideas mentioned to Topaz, I cant believe with all of us here (Beta testers) no one mentioned this. Good call. Rapsfan is right about the work around but some us just dont have time to figure stuff like that out.

The only thing I am still scratching my head on is given how GPU’s can process over 60FPS in 4K gaming from scratch, why we can’t get near that performance on images already there. Sorry for hijacking your thread.:+1:

You can put your PC into sleep while running VE AI. Next day when you wake up the PC VE AI just continues where it stopped for sleep!

Sure, but it’s still a bit inconvenient. Would be much better to begin, stop and pick up where you left whenever you want!

If Topaz Labs implements this feature, I will purchase it straight away. It’s an expensive piece of software, however, and I cannot invest in it as it is.

Guess what happened back in December 2019 when I put my PC into sleep when it was processing a video since hours. My PC slept well, but next morning I as unable to wake it up. It was on warranty so I sent it to repair: the power supply and the graphics card have been replaced. I still wonder how these things got wrecked during the PC sleep…

I’m pretty sure Topaz’s answer to this is ‘it’s already easy to pause & restart if you are exporting images so no need for a function’. So that doens’t really make sense; but for an h264 etc encode that can pause, that would really be something. :slight_smile:

It’s literally 100$ off right now and you can get further 15% off from plugsnpixels coupons. That makes it $169, which would literally be cheaper than any single component in my PC, except for the 500Gb system NVME, and not counting the RGB fans. And certainly far far far far cheaper than PPr also.

Pause and resume feature for VEAI would also be nice to have for me as well.

I’m processing 4k videos to 8k and it takes 3 to 6 days. Would be great if I could switch back to my Nvidia Gaming driver (from Studio) midway through and play a game on the weekend. As it is I start my batches on Monday so that my PC is free for gaming on the weekends.

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Have you ever tried to run a game while VEAI does export?

The GPU (3080) should be able to handle this, i would restrict the maximum frames per second to 100, so that the gpu don’t need as much power.

Your game will get the most attention from the driver and VEAI should be running slower.

There are a myriad of reasons why someone would want to pause/resume ANY process let alone one like this that can take a long time.

On another note, I just bought this product as I got it for $85 so I couldn’t resist! I really hope pause/resume comes soon!

When you’re finishing at 8K or above and especially with a 4-day render you should be exporting to image sequence. Then no worries about pausing.

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I am currently 3 days into an export of a 4K file. Topaz is processing 1.81 sec./frame. I wish I could get 100 frames per second!
Either way, my GPU has some overhead, it’s true. But Topaz simply crashes on me regularly.

Great idea. definitely something that would be very useful.

Hi, i have some questions about ffmpeg, how do i can message you ? I see no private message field to click.
Best regards :slightly_smiling_face:

Just split the VEAI process in example 8 hour chunks, whatever you can do overnight. Then merge the parts with MKVToolNix’s append function. It doesn’t touch the files in any way, just fuses them together seamlessly.

I’m just starting to to do lotr extended, splitting workload of 110k frames for tonight, which is ready by morning when I need computer for work.