Pause processing, and resume even after shutdown

Dave yes that’s a good point, but many times the manufacturer/programmer holds back - maybe to put the “feature” in the NEXT version - so as to extract the most dollars possible from the customer. Or, maybe they just don’t realize how much a given feature is needed.

One thing about the possibilities of a pause button is that my computer can go to SLEEP while processing, and then Topaz will pick up where it left off when the computer wakes up. Meaning it kinda feels to me like a pause button is more-or-less built into that process somewhere.

Anyway, what do I know - except the lack of a pause button is sorely felt by a lot of users.

Have you tried Process Lasso? It has a suspend and resume function, I just tried it and it seems to work (you need to suspend the ffmpeg process not the Video AI gui).

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Good tip Dave - thanks very much. I’m not familiar with the program, and might buy it, but does the free version have the necessary capability?


No problem! Yes the free version seems to have the suspend/resume functionality (might only work for trial period though).

OK yes, I found the suspend and resume.

But actually though, if I’m reading the docs correctly, Process Lasso may render pausing ffmpeg.exe, moot? That the computer will keep running smoothly, or relatively smoothly, while VAI/ffmpeg.exe is running?

Man that’s great if I’m reading that right.

I haven’t dived too deeply into it but you can probably set the amount of resources used by Video AI (probably by adjusting the parameters for ffmpeg.exe)

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OK - yeah I’ll experiment. Thanks again.

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Can we PLEASE get a pause and resume button!? Long clips take SO long to process this is crucial.

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Already on the Roadmap :slight_smile:

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It would be convenient to decide at the end of a rendering, close the computer, put it to sleep, etc.

the app video ai is great but need some options it’s helpful i hope you make it available :
1- options after task finish like i can chose to close computer or sleep computer or close app or do nothing.
2-add color for video B/W.

Hey there! these are both already feature requests!

Please vote for the item that corresponds with your request! I merged this to the pause and resume thread, you will want to vote for the colorization thread as well.

Export is taking a long time and slowing down other tasks on my laptop.
I don’t see an option to pause and resume.
Can we make this a feature?

FYI, I am upgrading old videos to 4K and they look so much nicer.


The inability to pause processing makes about 3/4 of the work I’d like to do with Topaz totally impractical.

I would enormously benefit from the ability to pause processing in the middle of a video, but even just the baby step of adding the ability to pause the QUEUE so the current job finishes and no more are started would be tremendously valuable. I can’t fathom why at least that programmatically trivial option isn’t available after all this time. Look to Handbrake for how this should function.

My registration has lapsed because this is the only meaningful feature I need. I would re-subscribe for another year of updates if this feature was added.