Pause processing, and resume even after shutdown

I know many have asked for a pausing feature but I’d like to ask that one be added that will save the progress of the program even if the computer is shut down.
I’m 18 just to be clear and I live in a small house with my parents and sister so the noise from the computer running the program is unbearable at night and with processing often taking over 15 hours it would be really nice to be able to pause the processing and be able to save the progress even after shutting down the machine for the night.

Can I help you with processing your video files maybe? 15 hours sounds a bit long except you process whole movies!

If you’d be interested then I’d be happy to send some material over. The only issue would be, how would you send me the processed video? The files would probably have to be google drive linked. My email is in any case.
The main issue I have is frame interpolation, that’s what takes 15 hours for an 11 minute long video in my case, upscaling to full HD only takes around an hour.

I will put the result on my google drive for you. :slight_smile:

Alrighty, if you could drop me an email I can send you the video that needs to be upscaled.

i dont understand why programs that cost less has pause resume when shut computer down, but topaz doesnt have this feature, makes no sense, topaz needs to do better


I seem to remember a previous version that did have that feature. I’m not sure why it is not there anymore.

It is a bit ridiculous

Really? That’s very strange they’d remove the feature then. It would be really nice if it were added back, it makes using this program a straight up nuisance. The fact that everything else lags while it’s running makes this pausing thing an even bigger problem.

+1 for pause/resume.


No, it didn’t. :pensive:

Fun fact: You can actually do this by putting the PC into sleep mode (in case you are not going to disconnect the PC from the power) and into hibernation mode.

Another fact, but this time about computer basics.

  • What the sleep process does is to store in RAM all the data that is currently being processed by the PC and when you resume it everything will be up and running again. So you can “turn off” the PC and all the data and processes will still be there in standby mode in RAM. However, if you disconnect the PC from the power supply, you will lose all the data in the RAM because, as you know, RAM is a volatile memory. Hibernation does exactly the same thing, only instead of storing in RAM it stores everything in the storage unit so that you can disconnect the PC from the power supply without any problems and when you turn it on again everything will resume as it was. I have been doing this for a long time and it has never failed, except for those programs that require a constant internet connection to work, as is obvious. You can do it with TVAI without any problem.

This actually works? That’s very interesting, I’ll give that a shot at some point, sounds like it could solve some of my issues.

yes i do that often, but once it happened that i put my pc to sleep at full load and next morning it was dead not coming up anymore. the gpu and psu had failed. :eyes:

Ok, so there are risks of losing the whole progress of processing…

well putting the pc to sleep during processing and waking it up later so it continues normally works fine :slight_smile:

Need a Pause function too. Render jobs are 10-36h each, render queue is endless. Topaz uses to much CPU and the Mac (M2) is too slow for other tasks, so a Pause would be nice.
Saving and quitting for later resume would be a dream, but a Pause button would help a lot.



that’s not so easy. if you pause topaz and windows crashes while using something else all work is gone too. so video a. i. must be able to continue the work no matter if windows crashed or was turned off accidently or by error. :eyes:

True, but a crash will kill the work too if Topaz is running. I use my Mac while Topaz is running.
Its rock solid the last year, crashes seem not to be an issue. That would be so seldom that its not an issue.
Got 2 Macs which are running 24/7 for about a year with Topaz. Lastest versions are rock solid.

I think the 2.x version was able to continue the work after a crash when you saved the video to images!