Pause export queue, preview while exporting, enable priority, add exports to queue without starting

To me the design of the queue in Topaz Video AI is dysfunctional. That makes it an issue to me.

First, there is no possible way to pause the queue in case I want to use computer resources to do something else, like run a couple of Handbrake encodes. If I choose STOP PROCESSING I loose everything encoded so far, which may be hours of work. To me this is unacceptable.

Second, I can not work with any new videos if the number of actively encoding videos in the queue is equal to the processing limit in File/Preferences/Processing/Max Processes. Again, to me this is unacceptable.

Since I can not preview additional videos, I can only add new ones to the queue on the blind faith that some preset I have chosen will work with them. I may have two videos in the queue and 20 others I want to add. But, I can not because I can not preview them and adjust settings to see how they will look before I commit them to the queue.

What is needed is a +1 approach, meaning that one more job than Max Processes is allowed so that previews can be generated. Or allow the queue to be paused. Something, anything please!

Third is priority. There is a greyed-out menu in the queue for each encode that says Priority. It would be nice to enable it. I would like to be able to choose a particular job and make it process with a higher priority if possible. I don’t know if that is possible unless encoding is done with the CPU only, but if it is possible with GPU encoding that would be very nice.

If not, then provide a way to reorder the pending jobs in the queue.

Fourth is a way to add jobs to the queue without kicking off processing. Low resource computers may not have the zots to do timely previews with even one encoding job running. It would be nice to be able to add video after video to the queue, THEN kick it off and go for a beer or have a good night’s sleep.

Fifth, provide an option to Shut Down the computer, Sleep, Hibernate, or play a sound when the queue completes.

Sorry if I am too opinionated.

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I can understand where you’re coming from. The one thing I would suggest is open another instance of TVAI, but then I remembered that their ‘presets’ are no replacement for a project file.

In my head, I have categorized export as something I only can do if I’m not going to be using the computer anymore for a long time. For me that works because I use a script to run TVAI and it can read project files I create to define what models and setting will be ran. I spend all my active time making previews and finding perfect settings.

The TVAI graphical user interface offers presets. I hear complaints about how those don’t save this or load that, all the time on here. And well, they don’t put you back to where you left off when you open a movie again.

So even if you open another instance and start doing more previews, you have to keep that instance open until you can click export, or some—or all—of those settings will be lost.

All of these ideas you detail here need to be implemented in TVAI. Looking back, that’s basically what I did with my script.

You might want to change the title to not sound like yet-another-person-who-posted-an-issue-where-the-improvement-suggestions-go.

Good comments. Thank you.

The thing about my choice of title is that I can not get my work done efficiently. Therefore it is an issue.

Because of the way the “queue” is designed, I have to wait for an encode to finish before I can even preview the next one I want to add. So I have to stop working and wait. To me this is an issue and a serious one. The defects in the queue impede my work flow.

I understand some people falsely post things as issues when they should be feature requests, but I feel the queue is broken and needs fixing.

That’s fair. Would you get more traction in the bugs and issues sections? Who knows. These suggestions are not part of the current design, so this dose feel like the right section. You should vote for this. (No idea why it doesn’t auto vote when you create a idea topic.)

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in the meantime, can I recommend Process Tamer -

it´s a puny freeware tool (if you haven´t got another process manager already) which can restore your system’s responsiveness while VAI or anything else is working in the background.

My issue has nothing to do with system responsiveness.

true, i have sent my response into the wrong thread, sorry.

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