Paul McCartney In Wichita

We saw Paul McCartney in concert in Wichita. Fantastic concert, the best concert I have attended!

But I could not take my camera to the concert or get very close for a photo, surprisingly. So I took this photo with my iPhone of the giant TV screen and processed with with impression and Adjust.




That’s one way to get a photo. :wink: I’m amazed that he’s still performing. I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid.

good catch

Great job Ken …rock on!

Jealous!!! Beatles forever!!!

Love the Beatles and Paul has been a rock. It always has disturbed me why you cannot take a DSLR camera but a phone is OK. Some of the phones are doing as good a job as a DSLR.

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Nice work with what you had to work with, I hate that you are not allowed to take photos with cameras?

His recent Japanese concerts had better video coverage (less security?). They’re on YouTube.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Kathy_9, @el48tel, @BobKramer, @Laundromat, @Michigander, @cre8art, and @plugsnpixels, I really appreciate them!

I guess it could be worse - cell phone companies were/are? working on technologies that could block you from taking photos at selected locations and times…

From a review in the Wichita paper - I think he still has it -

“even playfully shaking his backside as the camera zoomed in, projecting it on to the massive vertical screens on either side of the stage”

Read more here:


Wow, he must have great endurance. . . 39 songs!!!