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Painterly sketch effect in PSE, then Simplify

Original photo (taken through a lattice fence)
Can someone please explain how to ‘hide’ the actual photo and just have the arrow to press …



Here is how to Hide the original image and get arrows to show the before and after.

Where it says Summary…highlight it and change it to Original.
Then highlight the Text to be hidden and use the upload button.
I know the intructions say you can drag/drop the image to the _This text will be hidden, but I have not tried that method.
Be careful not to delete the brackets when doing anything mentioned in the process.
Hope this helps?


Thanks John @cre8art, I tried to edit the original post but it wouldn’t work. But it was OK in this separate post (I used drag/drop)


I do not see the arrows in your second image post?

You should first upload your processed version.
Then hit the return key and then Hit the gear button and it will display the info you see in the above image and follow the instructions to upload the original.

Ok, now I see the arrows in the top images. Your welcome.
I would bookmark this post or do a screen grab for future reference, it may come in handy.

You must have a blank line before the entry, edited and changed for you.

Thanks for that clearly vital extra bit of knowledge Don :thumbsup:

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Very nice work …

nice one