OK, this is the last of my Papier-mâché “Dancing Girl” renderings. Two things. First, based on a question Ken asked, I used Corel Painter Essentials 6 to create the back ground for this. That and my mouse. I’m now thinking if I keep my trial version I totally need to get a Wacom Tablet. Maybe I can paint after all. Again with the learning curve! The background for the previously posted image “Dancing Girl” was a freebee from Daily Textures. But hey, why not create my own backgrounds? Second, I’m not sure what happened to my framing action as I notice some of the color leaked out onto the mat and frame - and I’m too lazy to fix it. Oh well, I learned a lot from this work and thought I’d share.


Very nice result and very interesting story, it gives a lot of great ideas.

A lot of times good results come from accidents!

You do very fine work. Excellent processing.