Parallel processing does not speed up but consumes more CPU/GPU

Have been running 3.3.10 and 3.4. Noticed three parallel processings run at 9 fps each vs one process running at 27 fps. So the total time is similar, except running three processes drive up the CPU to 90+% and GPU 65%. One process is at 60% CPU and 40% GPU.

So running several processes together really do not bring any performance benefit, but put more burden on the hardware. Is this intended by the program?

i7-13700KF and GTX 4080, Iris progressive, 2x upscale 480p

Yes thats a thing of the past.

The hardware is fully utilised.

Thanks for the reply. Then it’s better off cap max process at one and run them sequentially, as not to overheat the CPU.

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