Panoramic Portrait

This is a two-shot panorama, taken of me and the Big Bend National Park in Texas by my 10-year-old daughter (I did not move, lol).

I used AIRemix for the processing and tried to use some techniques that @cre8art was teaching me, but if you do not like how the image turned out, blame me and not him!


I hope you visited the “Drugstore” in Ft. Davis. Nice shot and work.

Nice pano your daughter did, you are teaching her well. The result has an interesting sketch line art look to it.

Kudos to you and your daughter.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @fotoman, @cre8art and @Kathy_9!

@fotoman Sadly, there was road construction in Fort Davis (and at the state park main building) the day we were there and we did not get to go to the drugstore. We do want to go back and see those things and visit the observatory, too!

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Nicely done Ken …

Marfa and Alpine are nice to visit as well. The new St. George Hotel in Marfa is a great place to stay.

If you get to Houston area give me an I.M. for a meet up.


Thank you very much for the nice comment, @BobKramer!

Thank you very much for the invite, @fotoman. It has been about 40 - 50? years since I really visited Houston!

We did drive to the site of the Marfa lights, but were not patient enough to stay after dark. I defiantly could spend much more time exploring West Texas.

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