Panoramic Night Shot from London Bridge

Processed with Topaz Studio, Impression adjustment.



Nice shot …

Fabulous shot and enhancement. I can’t figure out where you were standing when you took the shot?

Beautiful night scenes.

Very pretty Ken …

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @AiDon, @tony_g1, @digital2006 and @BobKramer!

Tony, I took the two shots while walking on the London Bridge, looking to the west (you can see St Paul’s to the north). I did not do a good job aligning the two shots, so I had to make the panorama by hand, and fortunately the night hid some of the alignment issues, lol. (The small red dots were from cranes from all the new buildings still under construction.)

Both very nice but do like the expanded color/highlights in the first.

Thanks Ken- I think I got my South Bank confused with the North Bank.
V v impressed with your final image!

Both are very nice shots and I like the Impression result. You also did a good job of making a by hand pano.

Hi Ken, if you are looking for panorama software there is a free software called Hugin ( ). There are lots providers of panoramic software. I have been using Panorama Studio Pro for many years. Easy to use and affordable ( ). The pro version has some good additional features which the standard version does not have.

Thank you very much for the very nice coments, @Michigander, @tony_g1, @cre8art, and @Laundromat, I appreciate them very much!

Peter, thanks for the tip about the software. I used to use PTgui, and like the program a lot. But Lightroom’s panorama has become so powerful and easy to use that I just use Lightroom now. These particular shots could not be merged by software because I had walked a little between the two shots and changed the zoom between the two shots (oops), so that is why I had to correct and align by hand, lol

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