Panasonic S1R raw files not working

All of my Topaz software is unable to process raw files from my Panasonic S1R. According to LibRaw, 2.0 has this supported, but it looks like this for me… I should note that I see the same behavior in the latest versions (checked today) of Studio2, Gigapixel AI, Adjust AI and Sharpen AI

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LibRAW 0.20 is not the current version in use. I believe it is a earlier version 0.17 because of incompatibilities with the OpenImageIO library used.

All Topaz products use the same RAW processing.

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying. Hope they can get this resolved as it seems no solution is the perfect one at this point. Lightroom is getting too expensive unless you can live with the cloud based one, DXO isn’t particularly good at supporting camera/lens combinations for my camera which is supposed to be their selling point, Luminar won’t even let me export the files I modified and On1 is a bit underwhelming in processing area.

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Looks like Capture One Pro supports your camera.