Painted With A Glow

Beautiful frangipani in my back yard. For this effect I used Glow and Impression.


Beautiful work!!

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Thank you Kathy!

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Great job. Composition is great!

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I too like the composition and treatment of the flowers. As a variation I am wondering how it would look to have more negative space and remove the two flowers on the right leaving black to surround the one.

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Like this?


Beautiful flowers and processing! I am not sure which version I like better…


Yes this is what I was thinking. I like how the black focuses your eye on the one flower. For me I like it even better. Great thing about the Topaz tools is how you can totally alter the look of an image and if you don’t like it start over.

I see John’s point about the negative space but I think the original version has just that “edge”

Both are very lovely.

I like both versions and the painterly style is very effective,

Maybe just remove the petals in the upper right corner? Now we have thoroughly confused you Ha! Ha! It is a lovely image.

I was thinking that too.

Yikes, petals no move, she said jokingly!:confused:

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