Painted Lady and Friend

I tried to use only Topaz Studio for natural looking processing and the modules for Clarity, Noise Reduction and Color adjustment worked well and it was nice to have everything in one place. The masking is improving quite a bit, too. I would still like more control over the brush size and shape.


This was shot with a wide angle lens at F 2.0 - I was testing some things and was not planning to be doing closeup work, but fortunately they both ignored me when I was shooting! :smile:

This is a painted lady butterfly, with a little bee in the background. I was struck by how much it looked like @Mond’s butterfly.

I have learned that they are very closely related!


Sweet capture and a great job of bringing out details …

Sad to think that these will be gone soon as summer fades.

I like the Natural look and how you kept the edits subtle and brought out some of the details on the butterfly.

Amazing detail and color.

Beautiful job Ken, I love it !

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @BobKramer, @Mond, @cre8art, @Michigander and @OldGuy2, I appreciate them very much and they are very encouraging.

True, but also something to look forward to next year…


Love it!

Thank you very much, @Laundromat!

Beautiful job, Ken!

Thank you very much for the very nice comment, @XiaoLin!

Lovely photo Ken! Great colors and detail!