Oh - De Pain, De Pain!


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Ah, I see. Cool.

Creative and cool …

My knee. On the right - bone on bone! Surprisingly I have not had a replacement as many do. I decided to start walking every day at a good pace for thirty minutes. It was a little rough for awhile but the more I walked the better it got. I have went from waking at night in severe pain, hardly able to get in and out of the car, to no pain at all. It is just a little stiff and slightly sore on occasion.


Ouch … great image and great news about the pain relief … thanks for hint about clucking on the image - makes so much more sense upon seeing the whole image

ouch - ouch - ouch

Very creative to be able to express the pain you have ! Sorry for you ! I hope you have consult a doctor ?

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Very creative work and I hope that your pain keeps improving!

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