Paid for version watermarking!

You have got to be kidding. I waited 12 hours for an AI model to run on an urgent video and Topaz watermarking is incorrectly covering it!

This is the exact same paid for install on the same computer I have been using all along! Now I am in trouble with the customer as it will be late!!

If there is a license issue (which there should not be) you not to clearly indicate it will be watermarked!!! Now that time was a complete waste!!

If it is time critical i might help you out quick and process it for you! To get help with your license issue please write to :eyes:

We’ve been asking for an option in the CLI to fail if logged out. It should work well in the GUI too.

The issue seems to be that TVAI checks in if you are connected to the internet. If at that time it fails to connect to the authentication server, it logs out and adds the watermark—But only when it starts a new job. From what I have heard, if you are not connected to the internet, it will not check in and your authentication will last months.

The other night, my internet service provider had their main router die. Their backup router would only route google domain traffic. TVAI watermarked the rest of that jobs it did that night. I would have rather woke up to find errors about being logged out.