PAI - Save to Subfolder

Hi, in my workflow I store usually edited files in a subfolder to keep them separate from the original. If I use them later eg in video-production I just import this subfolder-path.
So I think it could be helpful in PAI under “Save image / Save to” to define a certain Subfolder alternatively to Original Folder. Currently I move my PAI-Exports afterwards manually to a subfolder “PAI”.
As a novice to PAi I hope this is the correct way to raise this idea and I am curious what others think about this.

Hi, I might be missing the point here but, Photo AI has always had the ability to save to subfolders

When you click on save, you then have the option to browse and save your images to the same location, a different location or create subfolders

If you’re using lightroom and you have saved your images in a subfolder within your original image folder, you’ll need to right click on the original folder and select synchronise folder

Lightroom will then locate the subfolder and present with your new images ready for import

Hope this clarifies question

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Hi, thanks for your answer and I wilI proceed that way.
Maybe I am a bit spoiled by Lightroom. In the LR Export options I can define a fix subfolder-name eg “LR”. Then a subfolder LR is automatically created with the first export for each folder. I used this setup for many years and found it very convinient and thought, this could be done in PAI as well. But for shure, it’s just a nice to have.
Regards Werner

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Yes I understand, sadly I’m afraid this isn’t option in Photo AI.

In my original answer I forgot to mention the save options only apply to the Standalone version of Photo AI

However, I know this is a workaround but, would this idea work.

First create your Lightroom subfolders, next

If you’re using the Photo AI - Edit In option this will return 16bit TIFF files, then Export or drag ‘n’ drop these images into your Lightroom subfolder.

If you’re using the Photo AI - Plugin Extras option then edit Virtual Copy’s and when you’re ready Export the Virtual Copy’s as PSD’s or TIFF files to again your Lightroom subfolders

I hope this helps

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Hi, thanks for your advice. So my idea was more a kind of enhancement request.

I understand that there are 3 ways to handle this (SAL, Edit in and Plugin), will test them and decide which is the most appropriate and timesaving workflow for my planned work.
Thanks again for your help…
Regards, Werner


Just want to add this topic as I think this is an exellent idea if it is automated for all Topaz products.

Of course you already can manually select another location and create a subfolder for saving edited images, but the point here is to make it automated, as it is in Radiant (see image below).

So if you have an option for telling PAI (and other Topaz products) to automatically create and save images to a named subfolder, you don’t have to manually change the Save settings.

The software will always save images to a subfolder for the current image regardless of the current location.