Overall Image Recovery

I have been using Photo AI on a series of scanned portrait and full length polaroids to try and bring back the detail in the image which is soft after scanning. Although Photo AI does a fairly good job at recovering faces (depending on the angle the shot was taken), the main problem that I see with the program is it cannot recover the persons body, which makes the image look rather unreal.

I would also like to see Photo AI having the ability to recover the whole image instead of just the facial recovery feature and to be able to select which areas of the image to recover.

Since when are the votes for ideas are limited?! :roll_eyes:

I just voted for it just fine - it was 0 votes now it is 1 vote - but that would be dumb if I get a limited number of votes - especially since the same problem appears across multiple idea posts! I got some old film scans where this happens as well, they should classify skin/clothes just like the classify faces and train on scan/film/negative noise not just digital sensor noise.

I wanted to vote for this too and got an error message: my voting limit is reached and I should remove another vote to place one here …