Over sharpening continues to affect Topaz models

Over sharpening on Topaz models has been reported too many times. And I feel annoyed that it is necessary to bring it up again one more time.

This is not a new issue at all. It is present in every single version.

Screenshots of the “strong dehalo” and “dehalo” models.

Symptoms of oversharpening :

  • blur created by the model,
  • added features on the screen/face.


The oversharpening problem exists on ALL models (Artemis HQ, Qrtemis LQ, dehalo, strong dehalo, sometimes Gaia) except Theia.

Same blur problem you had back in April 2020 on another model. See for yourself.

Wrong models chosen.

The blur is a constant problem on Topaz models.
Screenshots show the same problem on 3 different models.
Other models don’t do much on the source video.
The sharpening configured on the models is too strong.

oops - I thought using grain resolved the problem but it does not. False hope.

You may try out the new Dehalo model updates from the latest beta. The dehalo / oversharpen models are pretty new (only released last month) and take a while to train.