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Hi there!
I seem to have found a bug with output switching.
When you switch another output the presets should change on the side panel depending on what presets the output has.
But it looks like it isn’t switching if you switch to another output and go back.
Here is a link to a screen recording, as it doesn’t seem to let me upload it here.

Hi, I am not seeing the issue. It may be helpful to start the recording at the begging and also use your voice to explain what you are seeing.

I just found what the problem is.
The issue is in the presets category at the top.
When you preview a video using one of the presets (like upscale to 4K), it will automatically choose the Proteus model as the enhancement. If you choose a different model (like Iris) still within the preset and preview it, the output will be whatever model you chose, but when you switch to another output and back, it will think you chose the Proteus model and show that you chose it.
Here is a more descriptive video.

It really isn’t that big of an issue, I just happened to notice it and then thought that I should say something here.

Good catch! Yes, that is exactly what is occurring. This should not affect the preview or the export and the correct model should still be applied. Is this correct on your end?

Yes, the previews and exports will not be affected by this, unless you switch away and switch back on a ‘preset’ preview (making the presets show that the Proteus model was chosen instead of the actual model) and click “Export as”. It would use the Proteus model instead of the one you originally chose. (If you didn’t catch the Proteus model being selected instead of the other model you originally chose.)
Hope this helps!

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