Output sharpening for specific uses - Sharpener AI?

For the Sharpen AI it would be great to have specific output sharpening to prepare a file for specific type of output.
Are you familiar with Nik software’s our Sharpener Pro 3? (recently taken over by DXO https://nikcollection.dxo.com/sharpener-pro/). They have settings that applies the perfect level of sharpening to suit the type of printer or display where your image will be viewed – whether it will be injet printer (selected by output resolution), continuous tone, half tone (also resolution select-able, e.g. 150lpi), and by paper surface (gloss, matte, textured art paper), size and viewing distance). This is awesome and really helpful when I’m doing a lot of photo editing for say, a print magazine.
If this kind of functionality could be added to Sharpen AI, that would be awesome. I would not have to use 2 separate programs.