Output overwritten by preview file

I had a 30 minute clip i wanted to upscale, I had an Iris template in window 1 & a Proteus template in windows 2 set up, and I was comparing them, I then decided to Encode using the Iris template, after it had finished about 30 minutes later I viewed the output and thought a few areas weren’t as good as I wanted so i went back to Topaz Video AI (which was still open), scrolled along to the area I had picked up on & selected the Proteus Template that was in window 2 and hit preview. Topaz overwrote the whole of my _Iris2.mp4 with a five second clip of what I had just previewed, still calling it _Iris2.mp4 even though it was now using the Proteus template. I did not hit “Encode As” I hit “Preview” but it overwrote the whole file with the 5 second preview.

I have just checked again and the same thing happened.
I had both windows with different presets (both Iris but with different settings).
I encoded the full file using one preset using “Encode As” and saving it to my default directory, then (after copying the file safely to another folder as a backup) I clicked on the other preset windows, clicked preview, and the output file was replaced with the 5 second preview just generated, overwriting the whole encode process.

I have the same thing happening to me, only it was a 16 hour encode that I lost! Extremely frustrating. Why would a preview file be allowed to override the actual “Encode As” output file? At the least, shouldn’t it ask if you want to overwrite the existing file? Maybe preview clips could be saved in their own folder?

This is obviously a bug, as far as I am aware preview clips should be saved in the nominated TEMP folder, plus the preview extension still matched the output clips model even if you change models before a new preview.
Hopefully they will sort this soon until then backup or move any output before doing anything else in Topaz.

I agree, it would make much more sense for preview files to be saved in the temp folder.

I really hope a fix is implemented soon. I don’t want to lose hours worth of render time again just because I want to preview a setting.

Keeping this topic alive before it expires. I just had 18 hours of encode replaced by a 5 sec preview due to this bug, and I am not even in the slightest bit happy about it.

Same thing happened to me - fortunately it was only a small test clip that took 1 hour to process. From now on I shall rename my renders before doing any subsequent ‘what if’ previews.

Is this still an issue, I have to be honest I haven’t used the program over the Xmas break but you would have thought this would have been fixed asap.

Now in addition in 4.1, all the exported files created in the same session have the exact same date and time (the time you started the session, to be precise). Generously allowing you the opportunity to completely lose track of which output you did when, and turning it all into a fun guessing game.
Plus you know, it takes quite some effort to convince Windows to use an artificial file timestamp, it’s a magnificent achievement!

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