Output from Denoise AI Batch very different than input

I suspect I’m not doing something right, but…
Nikon D500 RAW image. In Lightroom I do an Edit-In Topaz. It changes to Topaz, my image looks as it did coming from Lightroom, I run Denoise AI, export, and I’m back in Lightroom with my image looking as it did when it was sent (but not noisy).
Same image but I start Topaz Denoise, then open the RAW image in Topaz, and it looks very dark and bland. Run the batch, it finishes. Import the tif file output from Topaz and it’s just as bland as it was in Topaz. Copy the settings I applied in Lightroom to the .tif output from Topaz and it still looks nothing like the image I sent…
My typical workflow is to use an import preset in Lightroom, so a number of basic adjustments are made before I ever see the image. I’ve tried it BOTH ways, however, and regardless of whether the image is an absolutely untouched RAW image or one that’s had basic adjustments, when I run it using the batch processor it comes out very flat and dark compared to what went in.
What am I doing incorrectly?
I attempted to add a couple screen snips to show the difference but your forum told me I CANNOT include images.