Outline around flower and petals

hi can anyone advise how to make flower photos with a dark outling around the flower and petals and veins if main ones. or any photo where you want to outline more


Depends on the software you have available to you.
Simplify3 plugin is a place to start or EDGE filters in your PostProcessing software


A couple of suggestions:

You might look at sketch presets (type sketch into search) and see it any of the black and white ones give you what you are looking for … remember set the blend mode to multiply.

Also “draw” search might bring up some options

Also the “Edge” adjustment should help - you might like to add a bit of smudge to the edge adjustment as an enhancement.

Glow also can give outline effects.


Sorry I did mean to list my topaz plug in, adjust, simplify, detail,
clean, i have played arounbd in simplify with edges and can get like a
drawing tpe of edges but don’t know how to add that to my original
photo??? what do you mean by edge filters??? i have ps cs6. thanks

forgot to say i have simplicity, adjust detail. but don’t know what to
do when i have done some of the things in topaz. but think i may have
answer in your first sentence. to set blend mode to multiply, now thats
back in ps??? and does ps put the topaz layer n the right position or do
i have to put it in a certain place. no don’t have glow, may think
about getting when i master the others as i have had to leave them for a
while with being “indisposed” thanking you.

Filter > Blur > Smart Blur will get you the edges

Then CRTL-I to invert

Use one of the blending modes to add the edge to the image

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I don;t have PS. I use Topaz Studio … which is free and you can call your topaz plug-ins from it

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Ok so this very quick experimental run took me 8 minutes in PSCC but I know it can be done in CS6.

this was a JPG with no adjustments.

In CS6 change Image > Mode to 8 bits per channel
Duplicate the background layer twice to give three layers

top layer
Filter > Blur > Smart Blur will get you the edges – you will have to change the settings to get a thickness you like
CTRL-I to change the white on black to become black on white
Change blend mode to Soft Light

middle layer
Filter > pixellate > mosiac you will have to change the settings to get a large pixellation
Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur you will have to change the settings to get a sufficient blurring of the large pixels

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I am not sure that I understand you, but using SIMPLIFY - slowly adjust these sliders. Not in any order.