Our beloved greyhoud dog "Kink"

Our beloved greyhound dog “Kink” after our daily walk in this very cold month of December 2017 in Quebec. I have to put in Kink a snow suit made to measure to protect it from the cold. In the photo, we came back from our hike and I felt like she was sleeping “the sleep of the righteous!” Pierre.


Great image and beautiful dog… he/she looks so content.

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Thank you ! Kink is a 5 years old female. We adopted her 2 years ago ! And we dont regret our decision :wink:

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Thank you for saving her and giving her a new life.

Home and comfortable

How sweet. Hope her snowsuit has matching boots to keep her paws warm. Would love to see a picture of Kink in her snowsuit.

Hi Kathy, sure i will take her with her snowsuit. But for the boots for her paws, we try a lot of boots and she dont like any ! So in winter’s time, i always check the ice and the snow wich walking trough… And finally, we find that Kink seem comfortable on snow when it is like smooth not iced… We are very aware for the health of our dog and in cold weather, we dont cut her claws to much because it seems to help her about the health of her paws !

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Lovely Photo Pierre and nice story …

For Kathy_9 who ask me a photo of Kink with her snowsuite;)


She looks adorable and cozy too!! :heart::heart::heart:

Got to love that face …