Original video shot with blur - approaches?

I just digitized a home movie from the early 1970s and I’d like to produce a cleaned-up copy for a Christmas present. Unfortunately, it seems like a substantial fraction of the video was shot out of focus -

It’s a pretty old format so it’s a little difficult to guess what was possible, but fortunately later on the same film there’s another section that’s much clearer (picket fence shot). If I can get the bad parts to be half this good I’d be very satisfied.

I’m new to Topaz and I’m playing with the demo version to see what I can achieve but I’m not sure what I’m doing. Is this video too far gone? What settings should I try?

you can’t do anything much about it except making the video pixel size smaller before loading it into video enhance just to bring the footages detail density closer to the pixel density which helps video ai.