Original image in topaz worse display?

Hello, I have the impression that in Topaz the photos are displayed worse than they are in other programs before Topaz has been de-noised and sharpened. Is that on purpose so Topaz can get off better. I will soon make a youtube video to see if others feel the same way. That strikes me as very strange!! Greetings Roland Willman

There is nothing nefarious here - the pre side of the preview is not doing any interpolation to fit your display and zoom this is so that you can see the actual pixels that are being input (represented as neighboring squares).

Other tools might be using smoother interpolators to fit the zoom and display, but then if you went to enhance resolution you would not be comparing the source pixels to see the improvements. if I do a 4x upscaling I absolutely do want to see that this one pixel got replaced with these 16 pixels. Even not just enhancing, what if you want to use a denoiser and the source display was smoothing out the noise as part of the interpolation to fit the display zoom?

If you are referring to their advertising of results rather than the tool preview itself, there have been requests to publish the settings and version used to get those results - as others have not been able to get the same results. There have been weekly/monthly minor/major iterations on all the AI in last six months sometimes better sometimes worse.

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Thanks for reaching out. We display images with little modification so you can see the detail in the original image.

We have our own process for opening and displaying images, which varies from other applications. The same image may look different as a result.

We do not degrade the original image to make it look worse. Let me know if you have any questions about this.