Original framerate wrong?

So often it seems to be detecting the wrong framerate for my video files.
According to media info one of my videos has 20.435 FPS and Video AI says Original 60.000 FPS. The output file of this then also says 60 FPS.

Sometimes I see it set original FPS at 450000.

Should I manually have to set it to 23.976 FPS in the above case? Or is there a reason its setting it to 60?

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I saw this issue in earlier versions too. Sometimes a 30 fps video was false recognised as a 23,976 video for couriosity!

Well I had it with v3.3.10 and v3.4.0 and I think with v3.3.5 (I dont really remember)

Yes, this is a known issue that we are working to resolve.

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