Original and processed video length mismatch

Has anyone come across the issue of video length mismatch between original and AI processed version?

my workflow:
I have a 30fps original video… export it to still images with ffmpeg… i feed every 2nd frame and process it with Stable Diffusion… then i have a sequence of image sequence that is processed.
Then i feed this sequence to topaz for upscale and set export 30fps with 2 x Slow motion interpolation… the length should match the original right? except i’m gettin extra 1second+ & i don’t understand where it comes from :thinking:

Original had 07:10 sec, warp 110 frames & topaz 08:26sec… 20.03 MB file on MEGA
Same when importing an image sequence and processing every single frame with SD… iam processing original video… outputting it into frames…processing them and feeding them to topaz then exporting an image sequence with FPS matching the original video but the duration of original and processed versions dont match and I need them to match exactly bcs i want to mask in the hands and faces from original video and this is a mystery to me… what am i doing wrong. please assist

Hi! I believe you reached out via email, however, I will follow up here as well :slight_smile:

Can you try setting the Input FPS to 30? Most likely, it is 25 by default.

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I totally didnt notice the edit framerate button for input button. yes, that indeed was the issue!

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