Option to Turn Off Recent Files?

Hi Topaz, is there any way to disable Recent Files in Photo AI 1.5.2? I know some users may find this feature useful, but it would be nice for those who don’t to disable it. Thank you very much for your response in advance.

P.S. As a new user, I’ve been very impressed with the results I’m getting from Photo AI. It’s the best piece of software that I’ve purchased in recent years. Thank you so much for the great work!!


@MinnieKona I’m glad you’re liking Photo AI!

Are you referring to when you start up the app before importing an image or when you’re in the File menu? Can you elaborate on why you want this as an option?


Hi Tim, thank you for your response. Please see the attached file for the “Recent Files” that I meant in my original post.

The reason why I want this option is privacy.

For example, both Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office also allow users to disable the appearance of recently accessed files.

Another example would be with most internet browsers which can be set to automatically clear all browsing data when the browser is closed.

With the “Recent Files” in Topaz Photo AI, I now always have to click the “Clear” button before I close the program when I’m done. I would appreciate it much if there’s an option to simply disable “Recent Files”. Thank you :slight_smile: