Option to export a JPG as well as JPEG when exporting to minimise steps

Some of my camera equipment outputs files as .jpg files and add them straight into projects while my team work on other aspects. While I understand you can output .jpeg the problem is that some of the files I run through Photo AI are already inside projects. As a result, I have to change the file extension of each output file.

Could there be an option to export as jpg alongside jpeg. I know it’s a simple thing but it would literally save me a step in my workflow. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! You can use Name Mangler (Name Mangler · Many Tricks) in case you are using Mac

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I dont understand I asked if you could integrate a simple option not to use 3rd party solution where its just as simple as outputting a different file extension. Can you implement it?

The person who replied to you was another user offering a workaround. There is a export dialog rework planned and we’ll keep your feedback in mind when designing it. Thank you!

also sorry didnt see I thought you were with the dev team. I do use Bulk Rename Utility for Windows and it works fine but trying to minimise steph. Thanks though mate.