Optimum size for posting images

I don’t seem to be able to find recommended sizes for posting images on this forum.
I’ve just posted an image which showed 2.94Mb in photoshop (with good detail) but the image shows as 825kb in the topaz forum (and not as clear as I would like) so I don’t understand what’s going on there?

All suggestions gratefully received?

That image is only 1200x855 pixels, did you crop it or resize on export?

For example a out-of-camera JPG of 8.08MB, 4896x3264 shows a doc size in PS of 45.7MB.

A lot also depends on the quality you choose for saving the file, in this case if I choose High quality it will be saved at 1.5MB instead of the original 8.08MB, choosing Maximum would save as 2.2MB.

So, doc size has nothing to do with file size.

Hi Don.

Posted image quality improved using ‘save for web’.
Thanks for you help

I was just about to suggest try using… save for web from PS. Glad you found a fix.