Optimal Equipment for Photography

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Denise, I think your choice of camera is superb. If I were to start over or have an unlimited budget I would go for the Sony world. All the work I have seen produced with those cameras is phenomenal and I think your choice of 28-70mm for the kind of image creation you plan to do will yield fine results. Look forward to seeing some of your work here.

While the I-Pbone X sounds like a fine “camera” I am afraid by the time it gets to Peru the price even on a carrier subsidized plan is going to be more than what I am willing to commit. I do plan however to upgrade from the 6S to 8S.

Have fun with your new camera.

(TERRY) #43

Not wishing to be negative … since I have Sony DSLRs … but my brother-in-law (like myself a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, et ergo not a total beginner) bought one and hated it - selling it shortly after purchase. You get more “bang for your bucks” with Sony (hence my 2 x DSLRs – one top of range — one mid range) but I think the quality of the Fujifilm CSC is superior (I have one of the mid range)
I’d check out other fullframe kit before I splashed that amount of cash.

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I have to agree on that, I switched from Sony to FujiFilm for mirrorless …

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(John B) #45

Do you have more dust on the sensor issues with mirrorless than a DSLR[?

(TERRY) #46

Dust is dust!
I live now in a more dusty village than previously, now being on the leeward side of UK’s #3 city and my CSC was purchased since I came here and it has interchangeable lenses and I get dust spots so I take that into account when changing lenses and the camera has a “clean routine” and in my workflow - it’s part of the routine

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My feeling is that photography, being an art, is not dependent on the tools, but the artist. I’ve seen some woneerful work coming from small cameras and cell phones. That being said, I prefer a DSLR that produces a high quality, sharp full toned images because when I take a photo I am never quite sure what I will do with the final image. The internet has different requirements than printing, especially large printing

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@XiaoLin you are so right in what you say … “not dependent on the tools, but the artist.” And as for equipment – I go back to what I said earlier…

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One of the most important things for me is seeing the same thing in my camera as with my eyes. I’ve yet to see a screen - inside or outside a camera - that comes close to matching the viewfinder in a DSLR.

(TERRY) #51


And I doubt whether that can be achieved easily

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