Optical Flow

Having the alternative possibility to use nVidia optical flow for interpolating would be great. With 30 fps in the original video and my recordings where the camera is at a static location, I can’t spot a difference between optical flow and Chronos. (Maybe it could be a checkbox in the “Convert FPS” tab in the v3 GUI saying: “Use optical flow instead (faster, not sufficient for all types of video)”)
I know that the AI does a much better job in interpolating, but some videos don’t have so much movement and don’t necessarily require it.
It would also solve one major problem for RTX cards. In my example, upscaling with optical flow, my RTX 3060 TI would be fully utilized. Even using Chronos while upscaling it still bounces between 0-40% and 100% every second and slows down the upscaling. But I tested it: when interpolating another video with optical flow while Artemis strong dehalo is working, it doesn’t slow down the AI but the card is fully utilized.

To truly be useful, it would need to be implemented behind an AI that determines when to turn it on and off throughout the processing.

I’m still annoyed that 50 frames of blackness take just as long to process as 50 frames of complex images and action. It should hit the blackness and race past it. Turning on something like Optical Flow would for sure do that.