Open Recent for Project Files in TS2

I’m just wondering why in TS2, you’re unable to open a saved file in the ts2 format using Open Recent. The only way to open the project is to use Open Image Project.

Is it possible to include this feature in upcoming updates?


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I think it doesn’t happen because the first time it is a “Save as” but if you open it again and use Save it will appear in there recent file list.

I noticed this with TS1 too. With most other software anything you create seems to be immediately added to the “Recent” list - but not with Studio! What you have to do is actually open a newly created file - either image file or project - and then it will appear in the recent list.

Not quite on same topic, but I would also like an EXPORT button for any image brought into TS2. When I use Capture One to open an image in TS2, there is no EXPORT option, just save. There is always a SAVE AS option in TS1.