Only works when you're connected to the internet?

So let’s give a shout out to the programmer that decided to shut down the program if it can’t be “verified” by an internet connection. Clearly you need to get out of your little cubical in a city with perfect internet connection and try living in a REAL world where sometimes the internet just doesn’t work.

I had my whole editing workflow stopped dead in its tracks because your software decided it needed “verified”. I know it’s probably hard for you to believe since you wrote the program in a building (probably in a major city) … but there are humans in the world who work in remote locations where there is NO internet.

My work was delayed for days and produced images were late because I had to wait until I got back to an internet connection to use software THAT I PAID FOR …

You need to get out more and experience the rest of the world!!!


Our licensing system requires an active internet connection for authentication and updates. However, your feedback is valuable, and I’ll make sure to pass it along to our team for consideration.

It’s actually corporate greed driving paranoia that treats legal customers as if they’re criminals. The company assumes every user is ripping them off… so the program becomes unusable. It’s a drain on system resources and also assumes everyone is perpetually plugged into an internet connection every moment of their waking lives. Some of us are law abiding citizens who chose NOT to be connected and believe it or not, work in places the internet doesn’t reach.

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Wait, wasn’t it told to be activated once and then working offline too? Or was it just one specific Topaz product, maybe Video AI?

Not sure about the Video AI, but the Photo AI doesn’t offer a “save” or to “export to photoshop” are grayed out and won’t function if the verification of the software is not connected to the internet. I work a lot from a remote location as well as shooting in the field directly to a laptop. I can’t edit or work a file using this software until I get back to a city, connect to the internet and let it verify that I paid my bills. This was unrelated to the verification process that the system made when I purchased the software.