Only Autopilot in Edit

Only Autopilot available in Edit Drop down menu e.g. no Crop/Mask/etc.

Could you send in a screenshot of your application window so we can get a better understanding as to how to troubleshoot this issue?

Attempt to get email support. Procedure as follows.

  1. Topaz website>Log in > select “Help Center” > results with page titled Topaz Photo Ai with three articles.

  2. On this page enter “email support” in search bar > results in display titled “Search result of for email support.” See screen shot #1. Note there is NO “ASK” on the “beacon” (page ?) on this display to submit a support request. Also no Chat option.

  3. Selecting the “Topaz Lab Support” title from the “Search result” display result in another display stating to select a non-existent “ASK” for support. See screen shot #2. Again no Chat option.

  4. Selecting “Topaz Photo Ai” under Categories on the preceding display results returning to page with the three articles (#1 above).

Thanks for your reply and sending in those screenshots. If you are having problems contacting us via Topaz Labs | Support Page, you can send us an email at