One of the many reasons I love Restyle

Here I am comparing the original black and white with the finished output from Restyle. The black and white came from a deepdreamgenerator output of combining a photo with a hatchy sketch. I was hoping at one stage Topaz was going to develop our own desktop version of deepdreamgenerator by enabling us to use our own references in AI ReMix. however this doesn’t seem to be the direction they are moving in.
My black and white would have worked OK with some tweaking on contrast etc. However I liked it better run through Restyle with a slight vignette added to the background.
I could have done this to an extent with Dual Tone or Quad Tone in Studio. I have even saved my own color Looks in these. However to my mind, Restyle gives a richer outcome with many more variations than these two do for the digital artist.


An excellent result … the Color Theme filter/adjustment can also be used to recolour images although not necessarily with the same impact you are achieving with Restyle - inspiring me to go and have a play in restyle :slight_smile:

Thanks. Glad you liked it. I should have mentioned Color Theme!
I do find Restyle gives me a better result. I also like the way you see a whole sheet of thumbnails with different Looks in Restyle: making it quick to select options and bringing up other possibilities.
With both, I have saved my own customs. I started by bringing in an image like a Rembrandt from online. Both Color Theme and Restyle immediately select the main colours in it as a starting point. I then just save that as a new Look in itself.
I have also combed the web for designer color palettes etc and done the same with these.
All in all I have a range of classic to wild additions to my artistic output. The example I posted is pretty tame for me!

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I so agree! I find that there’s much more flexibility and functionality in Restyle than in Color Theme. Guess I’m still hoping that Topaz will pick it up again and not consign it permanently to the ‘Legacy’ product bin. There are certain plug-ins and functionality that’s in Topaz to make it unique and it would be a sad self-inflicted wound if they lose that unique creative edge to become just another post-process product.


I like what it does as well. Good job.

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Great job, the color came out nice and very smooth. What color theme did you use?. Can you tell me exactly what tone did you put in this picture?.