On1 to Topaz suffix?

Hi, Just deleted all my photo software except for On1 and Topaz to try and get to grips with both rather than jump from one to other of the many others I have, when I send an image from On1 to example Topaz GigaPixel it sends it back to On1 with the same prefix/file number it was sent with yet Gigapixel states the sufix would be -gigapixel, yes it shows as a Tiff file on return. Is this correct? Thankyou, Russ.

I too use On1 as my main photo editor and Topaz Sharpen and DeNoise as and when needed.
If you send to Topaz from On1, it will make a copy (either TIF or JPG) and work on that. When it is sent back to On1 it retains the same name : ****.copy.tif/jpg.
The suffix is applied only if you use the Topaz product in standalone mode. Otherwise, you have to rename the file yourself.

TY, Russ.