ON1 Photo RAW and Topaz Products


For all you users of ON1 Photo RAW there is good news insofar as the next public release of ON1 Photo RAW 2018 will work with Topaz products … a couple of points though:

  • For all except Adjust 5, Studio, Impression 2, DeNoise 6, Glow 2 ReMask 5 and Texture Effects 2 you will need to use a host such as Topaz Studio or Fusion Express.
  • DO NOT use PSD files for an external editor as Topaz Products do not accept them.
  • A word of caution though is that you will have to re-rotate the image when it returns to ON1 as both Studio and Fusion Express strip the meta data before entering the application … so, as you can see here using Fusion Express, just rotate the image when you save it and return to Studio. (Apologies to my Mum for being put on her side)

NOTE: This is a ON1 Beta and isn’t available to general users.

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Ok…this just convinced me to upgrade from 2017…I was on the fence. I have a 2018 Photo Raw trial… is something to come? I hope there is an an explanation of how to import Studio.


Don’t have to import Studio you just send an image to Studio, do whatever you want save from Studio and it will update in ON1 Photo RAW 2018 … remember though you may have to correct the orientation back in ON1 especially if it is in portrait orientation.

Note that the updates wont be there for 3-4 weeks and you will need the new release to call Topaz products.

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This is great news. I and others have been pressing On1 on this issue. I have downloaded On1 Photo 2018.1 (Build today and can confirm that they have definitely made changes to the coding of the ‘send to external editor’ feature. I wasn’t expecting to be able to access the original Topaz plugins but they seem to work well.

It won’t be too long before it will be a case of bye -bye Lightroom!


Great news Don, thanks for the info. As a on1 user this will really be a great asset with using with Studio. Will this also work on a Mac?
Do you know how I will be able to send an image to Studio on a Mac from On1?

Hi John,

I believe it should be the same as on Windows, you would right-click on the image and select “Send to other Application…”, from within the Browse module, then select Studio from your applications on your system.

Note that it wont be available until the production release in about 3-4 weeks.

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Thank you very much for the info Don. Hope it works in the coming weeks when it is released.