On the rocks

Capture One Pro, TS impression


I like the angle you choose. Very nice.

And to think I was going to see some bar art :grinning:. Very nice Peter.

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Really like this. It’s unique. Was wondering if you’d used Topaz Glow - given some of the lines in the scene. But I see you mentioned Impression. Great use of the filter effects.

Great location and treatment. The people give a sense of scale too.

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Thanks Fotomaker! I have Glow but I hardly ever use it. There is a preset in impression - modern - called 3D sketch II L which I used. I increased smudge on the rocks but not for the water.

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I’ll have to chk it out. I like Impression. Nice variety of effects. Your result is really terrific. Always helps to have “good bones” to work with…