[ON/OFF] - Want to Toggle Enhancement On/Off

I generally don’t mind the new workflow, with one exception. I miss being able to turn on and off an “enhancement.” So I could add the Denoise and Sharpen, then turn them on and off easily to see how they impact the image. I wish you would bring that ability back.

But overall I am fine with it, it did take a little getting used to the new format, but it’s fine after I got used to it. As I tell my three year old, “Change is scary, but you’ll get used to it.”

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Thanks for the suggestion and the feedback about the new version! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

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I have been working with the new version for a week or so. Today I just noticed something. With the old interface, I could turn “enhancements” on or off to compare before and after results. It looks like we have lost that option. Is that right? Now to compare, I have to “trash” an enhancement and add it back in to compare before and after. Am I missing something?

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I have moved this thread to our Ideas section. I have made a note for the team to take a look at this suggestion.

The new UI is nice but I miss the quick on/off toggle button on each effect which can be used for comparison of the effect like older version was able to. With v2.4, if I want to see the difference, I have to delete the effect and reapply. Using “Show Original” function doesn’t really help when zooming in because the image becomes pixelated and hard to really imagine the end result at that point.

Agreed - in fact 1 set of enhancements could appear down the right side as before with a toggle button next to the bin, with the daft off. The button to add further enhancements can still be useful

Version 2.4 of Photo AI which allows you to have the stack of effects available is certainly a very useful innovation. However, I note that the single effect can only be deleted using the trash can: I suggest adding a checkbox to activate or deactivate the single effect without deleting it. In this way it is possible to verify for each single effect its behavior on the image. Or you can have two identical effects, e.g. denoise, with different parameters and check directly on the image, enabling one or the other, which one produces the best results: in some way this allows you to have the functionality that was once present which allowed you to have four windows with the same edited image with different parameters to be able to make a comparison on the best result.
Furthermore, you could start with the autopilot and then, if the result is not satisfactory, try disabling each individual effect to see which is useful and which creates problems.

Very similar to my suggestion for “switches” in this ideas post… (admins, is it possible to combine these together with the number of votes?)


I cant even imagine the oversight in removing the On/Off switch for each enhancement. It was so intuitively necessary for many peoples workflow; Being able to isolate each effect to fine-tune paramaters, and figure out which enhancements may be creating issues or unwanted side effects was such a huge plus to haveing that quick toggle switch… and now its gone…

I really like the new workflow/user interface in version 2.4 of TPAI. The ability to add “layers” of enhancements that are masked to selected areas of the image is potentially a game changer. But when reviewing the edit I would prefer to be able to temporarily be able to switch on or off different combinations of the enhancements (sharpen, remove noise, balance colour, etc) and not just “bin” them. It might save time regenerating the processed image a number of times to see the effect that each individual enhancement has on the final output. Maybe add “switches” rather than a “bin” to each enhancement “layer” tab as indicated by the red arrow on this photo.

Thanks for writing in with that suggestion and idea, also that screenshot is such a good example :slight_smile:

We’ve had a few different users bring this up in a few different channels and I have talked with some of the team about these suggestions.

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

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It would also be logical to take this a step further and be able to rename each of the enhancements and drag that up or down into a new order. Enabling different enhancements to be applied in different orders. And rather than having the pop out window over the main photo clicking on the “tab” could roll open the “properties”, sliders etc below that tab.

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I’d prefer to have the A.I. suggestions made and then show the list of enhancements which have been selected to change. Then offer a visibility icon (eyeball) to see the effect without having to DELETE the effect. Let the user experiment with additional adjustments as well. In other words, make it more like the previous version.

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In the new Add Enhancement there is only the option to delete the function.
The On/Off button for before/after control is missing.

Vers. 2.4.0

Part 1: With the previous releases’ UX, it was possible to disable an enhancement by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner (IIRC) of its panel and then to re-enable it by clicking again. This allowed quick evaluation of the enhancement versus without it. With this release, an enhancement can only be disabled by deleting it. When added back, one must again set the parameters as they were before deleting it.

Part 2: Furthermore, when an enhancement’s parameter box is open, the icons for the following enhancements turn gray and are struck through with a slash, and these enhancements are disabled! Dismissing the parameter panel in question re-enables the following enhancements and restores the icons.

Steps to reproduce issue part 1:

  1. Add an enhancement and change the parameters to suit.
  2. To compare to the image without enhancement, delete it.
  3. To compare again to the enhancement, add it again and then set the parameters as they were.

Steps to reproduce issue part 2:

  1. Add two enhancements.
  2. Open the first enhancement’s parameters.
  3. The second enhancement’s icon indicates it’s disabled.
  4. Close the first enhancement’s parameters.
  5. The second enhancement’s icon now indicates it’s enabled.

add enhancement bug part 1

add enhancement bug part 2

Topaz Photo AI v2.4.0 on Windows 10


My Photo AI subscription ran out in February but when I became aware of the new enhancement masking capabilities of 2.4.0, I renewed my subscription. These are exactly the changes I have hoping to see. Having played with 2.4 for a couple of hours I was very pleased except for one issue.

The enhancements, adjust lighting, balance color and recover faces, where the subject is a person, all interact. The only way to see the effect of all enhancements in 2.4 is to select the last enhancement added. For example, if adjust lighting, balance color and recover faces were applied in this sequence, going back to the first enhancement (adjust lighting) no longer displays the aggregate result of the 3 enhancements but revert to the “adjust lighting” only view. It is thus impossible to go back and tweak “adjust lighting” and see the impact on the aggregate view.

I see others have requested the ability to enable/disable individual enhancements without deleting, to observe the change. I concur with these suggestions. I think this goes hand in hand with the issue identified in the previous paragraph.

You might consider these feature enhancement requests, but since they are so fundamental to 2.4 usage, I would suggest they are really bugs.

Overall, I have noticed no 2.4 instability, works fine as a plug in to Affinity Photo and I see a substantial performance improvement. You are definitely moving in the right direction.

Is it possible to add an ON/Off-button on each enhancement to allow fast switching (backward/forward keeping the correction level) and a better judgement of the added image quality of the specific enhancenment?

I think it’s the same request contained in this topic Want to Toggle Enhancement On/Off. :smiling_face:


Thanks, and sorry that I didn’t see it.

It’s normal, given the number of topics: it happened to me too with the same request . However, you can ask the admin to merge yours with the existing one, also reporting the votes received (remember that you can also vote for this one posted by you)