Olympus Distortion Corrections Gone?

I’ve been using Photo AI on a large series of pictures taken in 2004 using an Olympus C-5050z, and it has been extremely useful.

When using some of the earlier versions of PAI, the camera’s obvious wide angle barrel distortion and chromatic aberration were automatically and miraculously fixed. Wonderful!

With more recent PAI versions, however, only the chromatic aberration if fixed, and only if using Remove Noise. What happened to the extremely useful distortion correction? I really need that.

Can you make sure that your Lens Correction is enabled under Preferences > General

Thanks, John.

I double-checked this and it was turned on as you say. I think I didn’t understand that the correction only applies to RAW output files. I have a considerable number of straight-from-the-camera JPEG files, and was expecting those to be corrected as well, since they were otherwise untouched.

Is there any way to have those camera-output JPEGs automatically corrected, or must I continue to do what I can in Camera Raw, which is better than nothing, but not great.

Many thanks for your help.


I would recommend making further adjustments with Camera RAW.

Our developers are constantly working on upgrading the capabilities of the application and are working on further development to Lens Correction for future releases.