Older Than You Might Think

I gave this some Florida color with AI Remix


Some history - it is one of the oldest buildings in the United States…


Wow, that is old. Nice work on the processing and yes, it does look like Florida colors with a hint of 3D glasses.

somehow I can feel the heat…nice processing

I agree with Kathys comment, Interesting results.
Did you find that the color results were close to which ReMix preset you chose?
The reason I’m asking is because when I use ReMix, I find a color shift happening in the image when using ReMix and usually it is the color green?

Thank you very much for your very nice comments, @Kathy_9, @Laundromat and @cre8art, I really appreciate them.

Kathy, I agree that it has the 3D glasses look, I did not noice that : )

Peter, you are right - it was hot!

John, you question is very interesting. I am just starting to learn how to use ReMix and there is a lot about it that I need to learn more about, including how it handles colors, but I am really enjoying it so far!


Just for fun, I ran the above work through @sfriedman451’s great Leroy Neiman Impression preset. Thank you very much for sharing that with us!


Wow! I look your work even better!

Thank you very much, @sfriedman451, I appreciate that very much!