Older Products and Apple M2

Apple M2 on a 2023 Mac mini, Ventura 13.5 - I’m able to use some of the legacy products but it takes some jumping through hoops. I use Studio 1 so that I’m able to use B&W effects plug-in. With Studio 2, I am able to use Sharpen AI. Adjust AI will load but crashes at random. I really don’t understand why we are supposed to throw away all our time and effort and have to purchase new software. Something the software people should think about is that We/The Customer, spend a lot of time learning to use your products. my 2 cents/ thanks for listening

If the OS vendor changes the basic OS, it’s difficult for individual software vendors to continue to support certain specific functions. IOW, it isn’t the software vendors choices that is impacting their software, it’s the OS makers, Microsoft and Apple that makes those choices. Your angst is misdirected at the wrong folks in this instance.

Do you have Rosetta Stone installed?